This site is to give you more information about how our $1 per shirt program works.

From every “Everything Started As Nothing” t-shirt we sell, we put $1 into a fund towards motivating kids to go for what they want in life and chase their dream. We are going to be helping kids from all over the country get motivated by starting a lemonade stand.

Here’s how it works:


A kid gets nominated by his parents or someone else. A kid being nominated essentially means that someone contacted us telling us about a parent who has a kid that needs motivating. (We especially like to send kits to kids whose families are in a bind money wise and/or their isn’t a lot of hope in the neighborhood the kid lives in.) However, we consider all nominees.


We (at Everything Started As Nothing) send a kit to the Future Dreamer Kids.The kit includes:

  • Start Small & Grow Book: This is a book teaching kids how to start a business and it motivates them to chase their dream.
  • Cups: 30 cups to help the Future Dreamer Kid with starting a lemonade stand.
  • Lemonade Mix: 82.5 Oz of Country Time Lemonade mix that has no artificial sweeteners or flavors.
  • Lemonade Tips Sheet: This is a sheet with some tips to help the Future Dreamer (with their parent) learn how to create a lemonade stand and actually sell lemonade.
  • Motivation Sheet: This is a sheet with some motivation specifically catered to motivate kids to be confident and go for their dream in life.


The Future Dreamer kid has now gotten a bit more motivation and direction in his or her life! :)Note: It just takes us $55 – $65 (55 – 65 shirts) for us to be able to fulfill a Future Dreamer Kid.  That means every 55 to 65 shirts we sell, a kid will be getting a kit that will help them learn how to start and actually run a lemonade stand.  More importantly, the kit will help motivate the kid showing him or her work with reward.

If you would like to nominate a kid for the program, please contact us.

P.S. – This program is starting in August 2015, so we will plan on updating this website by December 2015 or earlier with some pictures and/or videos from our Future Dreamers who get the kits! :)

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